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Natural Vs Artificial Anti-Aging Care Therapy

Is there any connection between aging, obesity, diabetes and testosterone? As the possibility of being obese, increase chances that the person is aged. As a result, aging is usually related with accumulation of fats in both genders. The energy may be drop because of fat intake or energy intake or increase or remain same, as you grow older. A drastic change occur in the men lifestyle about the age of 60 as their fat increase, energy level decline, chances of diabetes at peak and low testosterone levels appears.

The excellent approach for the anti aging is to explore the exact relation between aging, obesity, and testosterone. The body requires appropriate balance of human growth hormones to be able to perform accurately. 
Women and men need estrogen for maximum bones and brain function. Some medications like cancer medications may stop the alteration of testosterone into advantageous Dihydro testosterone or DHT. DHT is the most compelling form of testosterone. Testosterone is highest in the morning after sleep but lowest at sleeping time.
Convincing benefits of Balanced Testosterone for anti aging
Women testosterone levels are about 1/12 % of men. Testosterone is major hormone secreted in testes and shaped by testicles. Main benefits of testosterone are:
·         Improves sexual wishes & aggressiveness
·         Promote libido
·         Stimulate function & growth of some organs
·         Enhance protein anabolism and prohibit protein catabolism
·         Increase sperm production
·         Keep the prostate under control
Human body uses protein to construct muscles, promote density, and keep skin fresh and healthy. Some other benefits of testosterone are improving the cognitive functions of human being. Women who use testosterone to confront effects of menopause and aging might experience increase muscles, deepening of voice and increase body hairs.
To balance yourhuman growth hormone for perfect health and anti aging, the most suitable way is to increase your testosterone levels with natural herb and medication, which are fit to keep you safe from unknown side effects. The other method is quick and effective but may have some bad impacts on men especially who are heart and cancer patients. Testosterone replacement therapy provides profound anti aging effects with superb betterment. However, the ideal age for testosterone replacement is 40s under the close observation of doctors to monitor and recommend best treatment for it. This type of therapy includes different ways and means to recover the testosterone level and overcome many of health issues such as diabetes, low libido, fatigue, obesity and depression.  
The natural nutrition to boost testosterone level

The super foods that keep testosterone level at healthy stage include:
·         Oysters
·         Liver
·         Organic Eggs
·         Garlic
·         Avocados
·         Cabbage & Broccoli
·         Almonds
·         Organic Milk
·         Organic Beef
 To achieve a perfect balance of testosterone levels help you to get rid of obesity, diabetes, and fats, So, this hormone can be obtain from minerals, vitamins and Foods. The natural therapy is more effective when men exercise regularly and complete their sleep daily.

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