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Can Cryo-Therapy Bring Lasting Pain Relief To Arthritis?

Dubbed cyro-therapy because its needle tip is cooled to -20C; this handheld device – which has been approved for use in the UK – could potentially be the pain relief arthritis sufferers have been looking for.
Inserted a few millimeters under the skin against a nerve, the pen like device is believed to make nerves hibernate thus causing pain signals to be blocked. And if this is true, this spells good news not just for arthritis sufferers but also those faced with regular headaches, facial pain and carpel tunnel syndrome.

How can a pen halt nerve signals?
The success of this pen is mainly due to its sub-zero needle temperature which slows down the rate of complex chemical reactions that conduct signals along your nerves.
By slowing this rate of reaction, this causes your nerves to become quiet and stops these pain signals from being transported.
And in many ways this makes sense…
If our hands easily go numb during cold weather (as the cold causes our blood vessels to shrink), why can’t the cold liquid nitrogen used to chill the tip of this pen not cause the same effect?
Is it safe?
Yes. The device contains sensors that are able to monitor the temperature of your skin, so it remains cold enough to make your nerves hibernate, but isn’t so cold that it damages your skin tissues.
Instead this pen can safely by used for 30-45 minutes per session to provide natural pain relief.
Does it last?
How long your nerves hibernate for depends on the severity of your condition, but generally this method of pain relief will be an on-going process where you will have to visit your doctors in order to have it.
In addition, as this pen is still undergoing trials to examine it ability to relieve pain and treat movement disorders; you unfortunately won’t be able to access it until 2013.
Yet this doesn’t mean you have to live with arthritic pain…

In fact, there are a number of techniques which can help you to experience natural joint pain relief and give you a better quality of life:

  1. Exercise regularly – you may not want to exercise, but the more active you are the less pain and stiffness you’ll experience. Start small by going for walks and going swimming, and as your stamina increases move onto strength training, yoga, cardio and cycling.

  2. Watch your weight – excess weight can make your joints more painful as they’ll be experiencing the extra pressure of this weight. To keep your weight in check, adopt a Mediterranean diet. This contains a healthy balance of carbs, fats and proteins which will keep your metabolism working hard and your cravings at bay.

  3. Consider natural treatments – herbal remedies, massages, physiotherapy and acupuncture can all help to relieve pain and improve mobility. Just make sure that the massages, physiotherapy and acupuncture are performed by qualified specialists and the herbal remedies you try have been clinically tested and proven to help.
Any one of these tips can help you to achieve the mobility, flexibility and pain relief you crave. So if you are looking for alternative ways to treat your pain instead of using anti-inflammatories, why not give these a try?
By watching your weight, exercising regularly and experimenting with natural arthritis pain relief treatments you can take control of your arthritis for good…

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