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How to Set Up A good Profile US Account on Fiverr

An impressive part of you unquestionably know Fiverr… it is the place you buy and sell for $5… anyway I reveal to you today that various people are making countless naira on Fiverr..i am demonstrating how to make a record under it and start benefitting..


For you to sell more on Fiverr then you must have a USA account and for you to have this you need to change your IP. I will get a kick out of the opportunity to advise you not to use those middle person goals out there.

In case you have a PC, just download an item called sans wi or some other VPN programming like PDProxy.

Present and open without wi. Snap on change i.p using the item and select region as USA.

By and by go to www.fiverr.com click on “Join” catch and fill in your nuances. By and by you would been sent an affirmation associate with your email where you used to enroll.

Go to your email and authorize it, coming up next is setting up your profile. After you are done, login and click on profile. Modify your profile and set your profile picture ( I will say you ought to use a wonderful picture which depicts you as oyibo a cool, driving forward ace/geek)..

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