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Open Letter to Florida Car Dealers III

Subject: We Have Met the Enemy & He is Us!    Dear Florida car dealer, even if you weren’t a good history student in school, you probably remember the quote from Commodore Perry from the War of 1812, “We have met the enemy and they are ours”. The satirical comic …

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Open Letter to Florida Car Dealers Part II

 SUBJECT: STOP BAIT & SWITCH ADVERTISING Dear fellow car dealer, in case you missed my last letter to you on “dealer fees”, you can find it on my blog just by clicking here Open Letter to Florida Car Dealers The subject of this letter is the ads most car dealers …

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Open Letter to Car Dealers

SUBJECT: ELIMINATE THE DEALER FEE Dear fellow Florida car dealer, I started in the retail auto business in 1968, almost a half-century ago, and I have seen a lot of changes in the way we dealers sell cars and the expectations of our customers. My remarks in this column are …

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The Gap Between Educated and Uneducated Car Buyers

We read a lot about “gaps” in our society. There are wealth/income, achievement, health, education, morality, employment and many more gaps. The current focus seems to be on the widening wealth gap. The very wealthy are getting richer and the middle class net worth is static or declining. I truly …

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